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Ι  What is e-Learning or (electronic learning)?  The delivery of learning and training through digital resources. 


At SHIIFT we develop the tools and platforms to deliver scalable, task specific e-learning programs that are unique to your company. Our gamified approach is at the forefront of the new generation of training. We upgrade outdated, off the shelf training with realistic graphics, video and animation, making the learning experience more interactive, fun, and engaging.

E-learning gives team members the chance to learn and test themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable. Helping them to progress, self-improve and take control of their own development. All data can be linked into LMS platforms via APIs, helping clients track and monitor growth – actionable data every step of the way.


Key Benefits


Create a learning experience unique to each individual and offer immediate feedback


Replace in-person training that is easily scheduled and deployed to individual trainees


Assessment modules test employee knowledge, track progress with in-depth analytics and provide insights for future training


Learn in a safe, realistic and engaging environment, avoiding dangerous and potentially costly training mistakes.

Different Types of E-Learning


  • Using actors and real locations to create interactive 360 film sequences that illustrate procedures and create interactive assessment tests.
  • Using 3D animation and graphic interactive sequences to show scenes. Using the camera as a ‘first person driver’ to create a gamified feel.
  • Flat 2D animation can take many forms such as text graphics or cartoon-like animations.



  • Leveraging gaming technology makes our e-learning content more interactive, engaging and impactful.
  • The impact of e-learning can be enhanced by blending it with other types of solutions such as 360 film or interactive 3D animations.

SCORM Compliant

SCORM, which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a technical standard for all e-learning tools and programs. All of our Learning Management System (LMS) content is SCORM compliant. This allows us to deliver effective and engaging training content to any LMS in the world.


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