Transport and Logistics

E-Learning, Virtual Reality


Enhance driver safety in logistics through immersive VR training and e-learning modules, reducing accidents and improving comprehension of key skills.


Increase driver awareness and improve health and safety.

VR driver training modules deployed via blended approach with immersive VR headset and e-learning modules.

The Problem

Vehicle accidents cost companies $60 billion each year in legal and medical expenses, property damage and lost employee productivity. More than 1/5 of truck drivers who were involved in a fatal crash had previous crashes on their record. Even within private fleets, which fare 3x better than the rest of the industry, accident rates remain largely the same.

The Solution

To increase driver safety, SHIIFT created short, less than 15-minute immersive VR driver training modules. After each VR module session, each user is asked 5-10 multiple choice questions to test comprehension of what was retained during the VR training.

Training content included:

  • Street skills
  • Pre-trip checks
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Yard skills

This training is a user centered experience. Every touchpoint is intuitive and easy to follow. Trainees are able to self-manage elements of their learning.

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