Virtual Reality


Enhance diver and support team training in confined spaces through a realistic VR headset experience for the Ministry of Defence.


Ministry of Defence


To Improve the understanding of key steps for divers and support teams operating in confined spaces.


A highly realistic VR headset training experience for diving professionals and teams.

The Problem

  • Diving is a potentially hazardous activity that can lead to safety incidents if procedures are not correctly followed.
  • Traditional training methods are labor intensive, dangerous, costly and time consuming.

The solution

SHIIFT created immersive training solution deployed via a VR headset for end users to train and mission rehearse in a safe environment, prior to getting into the water.

Features include:

  • Multi-player VR solution covering familiarization and training for divers enabling team members to train collaboratively within the same scenario.
  • Photo-realistic scenes of environments and equipment that enable repetition, practice and mission rehearsal prior to operations.

What started out as a ‘nice to have’ concept developed by the SHIIFT team and supported by the MOD’s J-Hub incubator, has now become an essential requirement for aspects of defense diver training.

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