Our Approach

Solutions are custom-built for your company culture, business goals and end users. There is no predefined approach. Our products are based on expertise, experience, and an open mind.

How we work

We apply a Systems Approach to Training delivering a 360º solution, addressing safety critical, complex training, capturing actionable data,  also ability to audit against international standards.


Delivers clear governance relating to structures, roles responsibilities

  • Captures mission critical tasks
  • Understanding the conditions and standards to which the tasks are to be performed
  • Identifies training gaps and associated risk
  • Designing training solutions to close the gaps

Defines the Learning Management System solution

  • Develops clear, measurable training objectives and auditable course documentation
  • Identifies the methods and resources required to achieve the training objectives and to assess the trainees’ ability to carry out their duties
  • Designs and develops learning solutions, which optimize technology
  • Utilizes synthetic training where safety-critical and complex tasks are taught
  • Training mapped to qualifications framework

Provides a structure for optimizing training and managing operational risk

  • Trainers developed to optimize technology and synthetic environment training
  • Training is standardized and remains focused on the training objectives and the trainees’ operational role
  • Knowledge and skills are transferred to the trainees effectively
  • Support is given to employees in and out of the workplace environment
  • Outcomes are tracked and measured against qualification frameworks

Ensures operational capability is maintained

  • Measures the effectiveness of the training in terms of the trainees’ ability to carry out their jobs under operational conditions
  • Shortfalls in the training can be fed back into the analysis, design or delivery process which allows corrective and preventative action to be taken quickly and effectively
  • Ensures training courses are maintained to current organizational requirements

Your expertise is knowing what works for your daily operation. We’re creative technologists that understand users. Collectively we take the best of your current training and evolve it to fit your needs.Our Learning Solutions Team (LST) has many years’ experience in the development, administration and management of learning through the effective design and successful implementation of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). 


Improved organizational effectiveness

The creation of a professional, motivated workforce, trained and qualified to deliver

Builds organizational capability and capacity

Creates a positive image in the marketplace


We offer a rigorous approach to the development of technical training. We do this by using a Systems Approach to Training (SAT). Applying the results of Task analysis into the design of training & learning solutions. We have more than 20 years’ experience in Technical Training, making extensive use of SAT and its quality standards. Delivering an auditable solution, allowing clients to invest in the training required and ensuring operational effectiveness.



Making use of new and established technologies, providing the opportunity to see and experience technical practices. Focusing on the processes involved in complex tasks with an emphasis on safety.

CBT can be used to test Trainees ensuring a phase of learning has been understood. We promote this as a revision aid, as well as being used as a refresher before non-routine tasks are undertaken.


Complex technical and safety-critical tasks, can be experienced prior to undertaking the workplace task. The use of Virtual Reality provides trainees and qualified technicians alike, with the opportunity to practice tasks in the safety of the training environment.

This is a proven way of delivering effective training and minimizing risk in the undertaking of non-routine and difficult tasks. SHIIFT also utilizes Augmented Reality as a Supervisory Workplace Tool, assisting technicians who may be unfamiliar with a particular technical requirement.


We design Instructor Led training, utilizing the most appropriate methods & media. Ensuring the knowledge required by trainees to perform technical tasks is understood, prior to training.

Allowing instructors to adapt to the skill level and personality of the attendees and providing trainees the opportunities to learn from each other.

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