Health and safety induction videos, animations and a mix of both are often the foundation to any training program. They are a key, cost effective way to communicate to your workforce in a consistent all-inclusive approach.

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Ι  Did You Know? Video boosts retention rates by 65% compared to traditional training methods, according to a study by Insivia. Organizations using video in training reported a 50% faster achievement of organizational goals, as highlighted by Forbes.

At SHIIFT we always start with the audience and objective for any new video or animation. We look at what you are trying to communicate and work together to come up with the best solution to achieve your objective.

We have an experienced in-house team that can write, direct and create your video. Working closely with our client we ensure each production is bespoke to your needs and offers a return on investment through accident savings and a substantial shelf life.

Videos can range from standard induction videos, through to culture videos, lesson learned animations and topic specific how to / education animations or videos.

Multi-language? No problem, we’ve covered projects from the North Sea to deserts in Abu Dhabi, we’ve worked in probably every language around including, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, French and even language free where the images do the talking.

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Key Benefits


With video and animation, training can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and convenience

Consistency in Training

Videos ensure that every individual receives the same information in the same manner, reducing the chances of misinformation.

​Retention & Engagement

According to the Molecular Biology of the Cell journal, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. The combination of audio and visual elements in videos ensures better retention and engagement among trainees.


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