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DPD Driver Training

AR application created to increase driver awareness for new logistics trainee personnel and third party lorry drivers.


DPD Group


In partnership with DPD Group, our objective was to increase driver awareness for new logistics trainee personnel and third-party drivers in order to reduce collisions and accidents in a safe and controlled immersive environment.


We developed an interactive 360 Augmented Reality (AR) application for use by driver trainees and third-party drivers whereby step-by-step instructions were given for each stage of maneuvering trucks and delivery vehicles.

The problem

DPD Group had long been seeking immersive training experiences in order to improve and increase driver awareness, reduce accidents, and train new employees and third party drivers. Many new trainees and third-party drivers had been exposed to safety risks and thus DPD Group was in need of cost-effective, safe, and immersive VR solutions for drivers that could teach proper techniques in a simulated environment with no exposure to real-world risk while on the road.

Our challenge was to create a realistic, immersive VR application that encompasses the real-world physics of lorries and delivery vehicles, safely demonstrating maneuvers to drivers. The offset reverse maneuver was of particular interest to DPD, which required a fully 360-degree e-learning application to simulate. The client also required instructional materials such as voiceovers and text to accompany the steps involved in the vehicle’s maneuvers.

The Solution

SHIIFT developed a fully-interactive 360-degree simulation of DPD vehicle maneuvers in the form of a gaming application developed using Unity AR and Unreal Engine. The training application follows a step-by-step guide of the reverse offset maneuver for lorries backing up into a defined space. The 360-degree imagery comprises an immersive and graphically realistic warehouse environment, paved area, and vehicles to simulate a real-world environment where the desired movement is required.


Moreover, the 360-degree environment also identifies the scenes involved in the step-by-step guide, including hotspots around the vehicle so that trainees can observe the vehicle’s position from all angles, including from the front, rear, and with the help of ‘bird’s eye’ top-down cameras. This application enables trainees to fully understand and experience the environments in which they will be required to perform this maneuver safely, thus giving them practical and immersive experience without the risk of causing real damage to the vehicle or to property. The end result is better employee and third-party driver training, which leads to a reduction in collisions and accidents, as well as greater efficiency when performing the reverse offset maneuver.

Development Engine

The immersive 360-degree AR application was built using both the Unity for AR development engine as well as the Unreal Engine for all e-learning components. Both engines are widely used in gaming as well as for the creation of immersive AR and VR experiences.

Which services did you use?

Our team developed two solutions for the client. The first was an Augmented Reality (AR) application which can be used with a tablet or iPad, enabling multiple users to simultaneously observe the steps involved in the offset reverse maneuver. A 360-degree e-learning application was also developed to demonstrate the steps of the offset reverse maneuver. This latter application contains relevant text and voiceover materials to assist with the immersive learning experience.

How long did it take?

We were able to complete the project within one month, after consulting with the client to understand their specific needs and requirements. Our team maintained consistent communications throughout the project duration to ensure their needs were being met.

When was this completed?

The augmented reality application was developed and deployed to the client, DPD Group, in September 2021. The client now has access to the training application for all current drivers, third party drivers, and newly-onboarded trainees.

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