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Virtual Reality

Driving Safely VR

Drive global driving safety improvements through immersive VR training, engaging users and enhancing hazard awareness in the energy industry.


Improve familiarization and adherence to driving safety across business and industries worldwide.

Virtual Reality training developed for both tethered and untethered VR headsets.

The Problem

Despite a lot of work by HSE teams over the last decade in addressing safe driving there are still significant challenges in reversing the number of incidents.

The Solution

SHIIFT created an immersive VR application that engages trainees, conveying the basics to all employees. Designed to work alongside other forms of teaching to significantly improve understanding of the basics of driving safely. Performance data captured is used to inform HSE supervisors of the levels of understanding achieved by users. The concept is simple in approach:

The user is introduced to the subject and placed within environments where they can dictate outcomes.

  • Training is guided by a digital HSE Supervisor
  • Situations are demonstrated by a virtual crash test dummy
  • The participant is encouraged to point out faults if they see a hazard


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