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Dubai Airports

Using E-Learning to achieve the highest staff standards in customer service and operational excellence at one of the world's busiest international hubs.

Dubai Airports

Train 90,000 employees on the vital importance of health, safety, security and the environments at Dubai Airports.

Engaging e-learning animations deployed via desktop and mobile applications.

The Problem

The brief from Dubai Airports stressed the need to teach each employee directly, maximizing their ability to retain and understand key information that would enable them to carry out their work professionally and safely. The wide variety of nationalities meant that the focus was on the use of visual over text or language.

The Solution

SHIIFT created a bespoke e-learning platform that housed six core modules addressing topics such as Operational Induction, Environmental Awareness, Accident Causation and a dedicated Testing module. The modular nature of the platform allows Dubai Airport to make changes to any individual module quickly and easily as well as being able to add new modules to the platform as a whole.

The outcome was an e-learning solution that worked for most nationalities and literacy of the trainees. Made available in four languages, fully SCORM-compliant, featuring cutting-edge animation, film and numerous interactive tasks. The platform was built in a secure manner to allow remote access to approved employees and protect private data.



An online e-learning platform hosted on a LAN was sourced via a web-portal for those working through the training offsite. Maximum running time of around 48 minutes with 6 key modules as follows:

    • Module 1 – Operation Induction
    • Module 2 – Environmental Awareness
    • Module 3 – Safety Awareness
    • Module 4 – Accident Causation
    • Module 5 – SUSA
    • Module 6 – Testing

Short multiple-choice interactive test (6 questions) were included at the end of each module to test users comprehension. Built in analytics allowed managers to track which team members had completed all 6 modules and what parts were proving difficult so further training could be implemented.



Significant ROI with cost per head of less than a $1/user. Thousands of employees have benefited from the engaging and educational experience and been able to be embedded into their respective teams quicker than ever.

This was a key factor in helping Dubai Airport to secure a place in the “Top 25 Airports in the World” in Skytrax’s World Airport Awards and being regarded by Skytrax as having some of the “Best Airport Staff” in the region.

With Dubai Airport contributing over $26 billion to the economy, every single one of these employees plays a crucial role in supporting 27% of Dubai’s GDP.


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