Virtual Reality

Lanes Group & Thames Water

VR application to create a blended training solution to assist in recruitment, job retention and improve training outcomes.


Lanes Group & Thames Water

SHIIFT was tasked with creating a blended training solution for Thames Water and Lanes Group plc, with the expressed goal of improving employee recruitment, career retention, and to improve the outcomes of workplace training.

Our team made use of the existing Igloo 360º facility as well as layer-on hardware and software applications to create a stimulating, realistic and interactive setting for employees and trainees. The solution was designed to engage participants in a more hands-on, immersive setting and to explore different outcomes.

The Problem

Our clients, Thames Water and Lanes Group plc, were experiencing a net loss of talent that was not offset by recruitment. In order to reduce employee turnover and to retain skilled labour, the client needed a solution that could improve outcomes in a practical and efficient way.

Many organizations have faced significant recruitment challenges during the Great Resignation, thus prompting innovative solutions for retaining talent and for onboarding talent using cost-effective and practical solutions. SHIIFT was retained to provide a fully blended experience for employees and trainees that could be simultaneously interactive and memorable whilst yielding the desired results in employee retention and attracting new talent to offset previous losses.

The Solution

SHIIFT developed a custom-built app for a shared virtual reality training experience enabling innovative gameplay across a 360° viewing screen

  • This training did not require users to wear a VR headset which allowed for a more effective and collaborative group training experience
  • Employees were trained in end-to-end processes, navigating them through key stages and processes
  • The solution was equipped with background analytics enabling the client to highlight areas of training that employees find challenging, and focus efforts




Increase in staff retention



Improvement in team happiness



In savings from recruitment and training costs


Which services did you DEPLOY?

An interactive Igloo program was used for the purpose of teaching new recruits about site management and road safety. Participants were tasked with the positioning of signs, cones, and any required Traffic Management Systems whilst also avoiding hazards or inconsistencies in the simulated environment.

Development engine

The project was developed using the well-known Unity game engine to create all elements and virtual assets. The project was developed as an app and did not require the use of a VR headset.


How long did it take?

The entire project for Thames Water and Lanes Group plc took 6 weeks from start to completion and submission of all assets to the client. No VR headset was required for the training.

When was this completed?

Our solution was completed for the client in February 2020, for use within the organization and by human resources personnel for the purposes of training new and existing employees.


It’s brought a level of innovation and magic to what we do every day

Andy Brierley

Group Director


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