ADNOC Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Training

Respiratory Equipment Training videos for ADNOC HSE


Develop a solution to improve Respiratory Equipment Training for ADNOC HSE workers

A set of videos filmed in a studio setting with supporting on screen motion graphics

The Problem

ADNOC HSE team needed a set of videos that would support the RPE (respiratory protective equipment) training all employees on site are required to do. The videos would help workers understand how to put on, test and take off equipment safely without the need for classroom training.

The challenge was to create films that would contain the most important aspects of using RPE, whilst still being engaging. Delivering visual training for ADNOC employees that is brief and exciting to watch, with real employees demonstrating the use of the equipment used on ADNOC sites.

The Solution

SHIIFT created a set of three training films explaining the use of respiratory equipment, that way users could select the video most appropriate to them without watching them all, each film focused around SCBA or EEBA or Respiratory Apparatus.
ADNOC has a wide range of nationalities, and it was important to keep the language and graphics are simple as possible. This necessitated the use of dynamic motion graphics to highlight the important steps when donning or doffing the equipment.

Features include:

  • Green Screen Filming
  • Use of real workers
  • Supporting on screen graphics
  • Multiple language versions


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