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James Hardie Virtual Reality Distracted Driving Experiences

Virtual Reality experiences to reinforce the dangers of distracted driving

James Hardie

Develop a solution to reinforce the dangers of driving fatigued and distracted, and the potential outcomes  

An immersive virtual reality headset experience

The Problem

James Hardie, one of the world’s leading fiber cement companies, approached SHIIFT to develop a driver awareness tool that reinforced core safety behaviors for their 5,000-strong workforce. Launched as part of their Safety Week, the program needed to identify key risk factors for the driving workforce and create pathways towards prevention, risk minimization, and developing responsible driving practices.

The Solution

In response to the challenges of creating a non-assessed program within a broader safety campaign, SHIIFT developed an immersive in-vehicle VR experience that took participants on a piloted journey through research-identified scenarios associated with the most common driver awareness blind spots.

Through the implementation of these everyday scenarios the VR experience highlighted real-world situations where a lack of awareness led the participants towards an escalation of risk factors and ultimate vehicle collision. By incorporating a Confirmation of Understanding Statement the experience was not only an effective communication tool but met the requirements of a driver training program, with users needing to identify risks and take responsibility for adopting safer driving practices.

Features include:

  • 360 virtual reality sit down experience
  • Statement of understand the user agrees to at the end of each experience
  • 2 languages (English and Tagalog)
  • Developed for both computer and Quest version


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