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Al Hosn – Health and Safety animation moments

Health and Safety (HSE) Induction animation series, covering a variety of common lessons learned

Al Hosn Gas

Our team was tasked with developing a set of language-less HSE animations that would communicate common safety scenarios and ‘Golden Rules’ to their diverse workforce. 

Following Al Hosn Gas’s comprehensive brief, we produced state-of-the-art 3D animated safety training videos highlighting the potential hazards in their operational environment. Each video has no language and follows a single main character through his troubles and how to improve his working ways. 

The problem

Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company (Al Hosn Gas) HSE Department Operations required a set of HSE training animation that would cater to their entire workforce. The purpose of the HSE Induction Training Design is to create a program which ensures all personnel entering the Al Hosn Gas site have the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to conduct their duties safely.

Al Hosn Gas provided a brief to create a series of cutting edge animated safety training videos around potential hazards that are present in their working environment.

The Solution

SHIIFT developed a set of 3D animated videos that could be used to support their wider training program. But using a 3D cartoon type character led approach and not using human like characters it meant that that the animations were easily relatable and applied to all. We also used a non language approach to best cater for all nationalities.

Each animated video has a different underlying theme such as:

  • Working at heights
  • Evacuations
  • Confined spaces
  • Excavations
  • Lifting operations
  • Manual handling

Each video follows Al Hosn’s Golden Safety Rules and worked closely with their already established training program.

How long did it take?

From start to completion, the entire project took 8 weeks to complete. We started with full scripting and storyboarding with the client before moving in Maya to complete the animation. Post production included full music and sound mixing.

how much input is needed from the client?

SHIIFT has full in house specialist team, we can write with, design and create complete HSE inductions and safety training without much input from the client. We make these projects look easy, clients just approve and review at agreed stages throughout the project.


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