Virtual Reality

Venture Global VR training

Enhancing training with immersive VR: cost reduction, safety, and efficiency for large LNG production company.

Venture Global LNG

Develop a solution to improve training outcomes for plant operators and trainees.

An immersive 360 3D environment of Venture Global’s project developments deployed via a tethered VR headset.

The Problem

LNG development costs have been steadily rising, outpacing other industry costs. Venture Global was looking to drive significant cost reductions on its project developments and pass savings on to its customers, while enhancing operational reliability, safety, and efficiency. Improving operational up-time was a key driver for enhanced training.

The Solution

Initially the SHIIFT team developed high quality 3D animated models of two entire LNG project developments (Calcasieu and Plaquemines) from BIM data. These were used by the investment, marketing, and sales functions. In the next phase we took this data, included as-builts and created immersive 3D VR training environments that enable trainees and operators to walk around and interact with a digital twin of the plant.

Immersive VR training offered the opportunity to familiarize and train plant operators on a digital twin of a plant’s key facilities well in advance in advance of first production.

Features include:

  • Ability to familiarize geographically dispersed trainees with the plant.
  • Introduction of updated BIM models as plant evolves and develops.
  • Digital twin for maintenance, modifications and turnarounds.
  • Future development includes scaffolding and crane modules to enable advance planning and mission rehearsal to reduce time and cost.
VR training example.

VR training example.


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